Extended Play

This is the great Elvis Presley Extended Play (EP) or depending on year of release and branding, the Economy Package catalog. The EP prefix is generally EPA, with a couple of notable exceptions. Many were only released once. Others were later reissued on the Gold Standard Series label, with the same prefix and new catalog number. Some guides would organize the EP collection by their title, which, where applicable, would combine the original release with their Gold Standard reissue. This EP guide, however, will reference each release by their unique catalog number. This catalog is sorted by release.


Gold Standard Series ("GSS") 45 RPM singles are prefixed with 447 as part of the catalog number. The labels may indicate an original point of reference, as the Dog on Top ("DOT") is generally identified with the series beginning in 1958. In 1965, the Dog on Side ("DOS") replaced the DOT label. The orange labels were introduced in 1968. The red labels were introduced in July 1969 (see Keith Flynn). The final label, Dog Near Top ("DNT") came into existence Aug. 1976 (PatrickM). The actual initial release dates were taken from the original LISTING NOTICEs for the GOLD STANDARD SINGLE RELEASEs used by RCA. Custom sleeves printed for the Gold Standard Series singles evolved throughout the years; and, many records from this series can be found sleeved in one of several different custom sleeves. Gold Standards can be found in generic white or brown sleeves and occasionally found shrink-wrapped to a cardboard.

Long Play

This is the great Elvis Presley LP catalog organized by original release date. Throughout the years, RCA had re-released most catalog numbers with modifications to the covers, catalog numbers, vinyl, and labels. The Long Play (commonly referred to as LP) record itself is typically twelve inches in size with multiple tracks per side and plays at 33 1/3 RPM. Through to 1959, the Elvis catalog was released only as "Long Play" monaural. Later monaural pressings continued with “Long Play” to “MONO” in 1963 and “Monaural” beginning in 1964 and ending in 1968. In 1960, new Elvis releases were released concurrently in both monaural and stereo. In 1962, the original Elvis catalog of the 1950s was re-introduced in Electronically Reprocessed Stereo, hence the postfix of "(e)" at the end of the catalog number. A case use for this guide could be the monaural release of Elvis’ Golden Records, available from 1959 through 1968. Though only listed once for its original 1959 release date, the contents will chronicle the catalog number in detail to its final release.

Pot Luck

General information as it relates to the collecting of Elvis records. This area is reserved for more in-depth research. It may be more specific details of a record, record oddities, foreign records, details about the record labels.


This is the great Elvis Presley singles catalog organized by original release date. Unlike the original pressings of the LPs, the 45s were only released once with prefix of "47-" and the 78s with prefix of "20-". Many were later re-released on the Gold Standard Series label, with the prefix of "447-" and new catalog number. From their beginning to the early 1970s, 45s were released in monaural format to accommodate for radio stations that had not converted to stereo. In some rare releases, the 45 was released simultaneously with the prefix of "61-" in "LIVING STEREO". Later, RCA changed their prefixes. This catalog is sorted by release.


This category contains releases during Elvis' career that were either produced without proper authorization or as blatant as pirating a bootleg.