CAS-2595 Burning Love and Hits From His Movies, Volume 2 

Modified: September 5, 2021

Artist: Elvis Presley
Release: RCA Camden CAS-2595 Burning Love and Hits From His Movies, Volume 2 (LP)
Release Date: 11/1/1972

Track Listings: (click here to expand / collapse)

Side 1

Burning Love
Tender Feeling
Am I Ready
Tonight Is So Right For Love

Side 2

It’s A Matter Of Time
No More
Santa Lucia
We’ll Be Together
I Love Only One Girl


Cover Front: RCA Camden and catalog lower right corner. The first cover has a yellow star-burst which reads “Special Bonus Photo Inside” which is replaced with an “RE” on the lower left corner.
Cover Back: Catalog number upper right corner.


Disc: Blue label. Flexible vinyl.

Matrix numbers
Side 1: BCRS-6448-1S-A1C / Side 2: BCRS-6449-1S-A1C (Rockaway pressing)
Side 1: BCRS-6448-1S-A1D / Side 2: BCRS-6449-1S-A1D (Rockaway pressing)
Side 1: BCRS-6448-1S-A1E (hand etched) / Side 2: BCRS-6449-1S-A1F (hand etched)(Rockaway pressing)1
Side 1: BCRS-6448-1S-A2D / Side 2: BCRS-6449-1S-A2B (Rockaway pressing)
Side 1: BCRS-6448-1S-A2V / Side 2: BCRS-6449-1S-A1AA (Rockaway pressing)
Side 1: BCRS-6448-1S-A2AV / Side 2: BCRS-6449-1S-A1BC (Rockaway pressing)
Side 1: BCRS-6448-1S-A3C / Side 2: BCRS-6449-1S-A1K (Rockaway pressing)
Side 1: BCRS-6448-2S A2 / Side 2: BCRS-6449-2S A1 (Indianapolis pressing)
Side 1: BCRS-6448-2S A3 / Side 2: BCRS-6449-2S A2 (Indianapolis pressing)
Side 1: BCRS-6448 3S / Side 2: BCRS-6449 3S (Hollywood pressing)2


8″x10″ Picture of Elvis with an advertisement for Elvis as Recorded at Madison Square Garden on the other side.

Inner Sleeve
Generic white or none.

Re-released on Pickwick Records asĀ CAS-2595 Burning Love and Hits From His Movies, Volume 2 in 1975.

  1. Matrix numbers from the collection of PIOTRULA (of Poland)
  2. Matrix numbers from the collection of Roberto.