Several EPs are questionable in origin or confirmed as fake. Records have never surfaced, the sleeves in recent years have. Purchase at your own risk. The EPs are RCA Victor EPA-4386 Hear the USA the Elvis Way (EP), RCA Victor EPA-4392 Stay Away, Joe (EP), RCA Victor EPA-4393 Live a Little, Love a Little (EP), RCA Victor EPA-4394 The Trouble with Girls (EP), RCA Victor EPA-4395 Change of Habit (EP), RCA Victor LPC-123 Love Me.

The box of the SPD-15 Country & Western Jukebox Promotion Kit is a proven fake. The inserts are questionable at best.

The origin of the white label promo single RCA Victor 47-8400 Such a Night / Never Ending has been called into question and has been identified as fake.

The "RCA Victor Record Bulletin" sleeve associated with 47-6357 Mystery Train / I Forgot to Remember to Forget (45) is a proven fake. Read here: The RCA Victor Record Bulletin Record Sleeve Is Fake

Welcome to elvisrecords.com! This site exists to serve the Elvis Presley record collector community as an online guide, gallery and visual reference for all collectors and as a companion to fill the void of the all-text price guides. In the case of LPs, where price guides associate a specific cover to a specific record label and specific inner sleeve; this site generalizes this considerably as having sorted through 1000s of Elvis records, there are many variations that are not documented using that method.

The focus of this site is specifically U.S. releases. It is by no means the most comprehensive and complete reference guide available; however, this site offers information that is found nowhere else. One of the goals is to provide as much detail possible, including documented and undocumented variations for regular and promotional release 45s, 78s, EPs, and LPs during the life of Elvis Presley. Releases after August 1977 will most likely not be found in this guide, save a few exceptions.

The majority of the images used on this site are from exhaustive collections of records and library of Internet images collected throughout the years and through significant input from collectors and contributors as referenced. In rare cases, some images are manufactured from known material to serve as reference and are referenced as "mock-ups".

There are many people whom have contributed to this site with their knowledge, pictures, and corrections and they are all listed in the footnotes to each of the pages. We are greatly appreciative of all of their contributions. We would like to take a moment to express our gratitude to Neal Umphred for recent observations that help keep this site honest. His recent observations and editorial experience has provided significant contributions towards a more accurate Elvis Presley discography.

If you find this information useful, please donate.

The Definitive Vinyl Artwork of Elvis Presley 1956-1977

The Definitive Vinyl Artwork of Elvis Presley 1956-1977 (December 2015) contains most of the original photography for the albums, singles and extended plays released in Elvis Presley's lifetime. elvisrecords.com is proud to have collaborated with Joseph A. Tunzi on this exceptional book.

Elvis 60 Years of Rock 'n Roll

Beckett Legends: Elvis 60 Years of Rock 'n Roll (October 2014) features a 20 page spread of Elvis records scanned and provided by www.elvisrecords.[com], including a small commentary with collector tips and highlighting some recent important album revelations and discoveries. There is a reference to this site at multiple locations including the table of contents on page 2.

TV Guide Magazine Remembering Elvis

TV Guide Magazine's Remembering Elvis, In His Own Words, A Collector's Edition (August/September 2014) features a two-page spread of Elvis records from images scanned and provided by www.elvisrecords.[com]. There is a reference to this site at the bottom of the table of contents page.

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Here is a list of sites that are using content from this site or our sister site and is using it on their site as their own. In some cases, the images that have originated from this site has even been re-branded as theirs. What none of these sites possess, and I do, are the original scans prior to being panoramicly combined. This is a dangerous practice as it certainly does NOT encourage the development of this website nor is legal. It is not being suggested that these sites knowingly have taken content for their personal use as users may have submitted content to the sites. However, this list of sites are those sites whom have been contacted and have not yet corrected the problem on their end.


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Where current acknowledgments for specific images or content are displayed with each submission, this section exists for past contributors. These contributors are as appreciated now as were their original submissions. This list may contain contributors whom still have acknowledgments throughout the site, this is as a result of a specific submission being omitted or replaced completely.

Jouni from Finland (EPA-5122 cover front and back), (SUN 209 front and back)
Shawn O'Grady (LPM-2621 1962 Hollywood pressing), (LSP-2697 1963 Hollywood pressing), (LSP-2370 1961 Hollywood pressing), (LPM-2231 1960 Hollywood pressing), (LPM-2328 1964 Hollywood pressing), (LPM-2011 1959 Hollywood pressing)
Ingemar Breitenstein (LSP-1382 1962 Indianapolis pressing)
Jack Allred (LSP-3758 1971 Indianapolis pressing)
Paul Doughton (UK) (447-0601 Misspelled Presley)
Roberto (47-7810 Indianapolis pressing), (LPM-2765 1964 Indianapolis pressing), (47-8585 Rockaway pressing)
Christian (of France) ACL-7064


I am not the authority on the Elvis Presley U.S. Catalog; however, I am an extremely knowledgeable and an avid collector. I feel that I have something to offer to the collecting community.


The information on this site is only as accurate as what can be found during research. I don't pretend that everything I have documented is 100% accurate or complete. Some information may be inaccurately presented, documented, of incomplete. This may be as a result of the data collected from other sources, incorrectly typed, or conclusions that had been made on material that either had not been documented or where documentation had not been located. Where this may be the case, this information may serve as reference until corrected. Updates are always appreciated with supporting documentation. For many years, this site was known as elvisrecords.us.


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