LSP-4428 Elvis In Person at the International Hotel 

Modified: January 25, 2020

Artist: Elvis Presley
Release: RCA Victor LSP-4428 Elvis In Person at the International Hotel (LP)
Release Date: 11/1970

Track Listings: (click here to expand / collapse)

Side 1

Blue Suede Shoes
Johnny B Goode
All Shook Up
Are You Lonesome Tonight
Hound Dog
I Can’t Stop Loving You
My Babe

Side 2

Mystery Train – Tiger Man
In The Ghetto
Suspicious Minds
Can’t Help Falling In Love


Cover Front: RCA and catalog number upper left corner. Victor upper right corner.
Cover Back: Catalog number upper right corner. Copyright info bottom centered.

Disc: (1970) Orange label. Rigid vinyl.


Disc: (1970) Orange label. Non-flexible vinyl.

Matrix numbers
Side 1: XPRS-2468-30S 11 / Side 2: XPRS-2469-31S 12 (hand etched) (unknown pressing SS)


Disc: (1971) Orange label. Flexible vinyl.

Matrix numbers
Side 1: XPRS 2468 1S C4 / Side 2: XPRS 2469 1S C1 (Indianapolis pressing)1
Side 1: XPRS-2468 6S / Side 2: XPRS-2469 5S (Hollywood pressing)


Disc: (1976) Tan label.

Matrix numbers
Side 1:
XPRS-2468 4S B5 / Side 2: XPRS-2469–30S (strike-through 1S with a 30 under the 1) B2 (Indianapolis pressing)

Disc: (1976) Tan label. Non-flexible vinyl

Matrix numbers
Side 1:
XPRS-2468 32S A5 (machine stamped) LSP-4428-A (hand-etched) / Side 2: XPRS-2469-35S A1 (machine stamped) LSP-4428-B (hand-etched) A I (unknown pressing)


Disc: (1977) Black label, dog near top.

Matrix numbers
Side A:
XPRS-2468 32S IGOT A2 / Side B: XPRS-2469 35S IGOT C (Indianapolis pressing? C)

Inner Sleeves
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  1. Matrix numbers from the collection of PIOTRULA (of Poland)