LPM-3921 Elvis’ Gold Records – Volume 4 

Modified: September 28, 2015

Artist: Elvis Presley
Release: RCA Victor LPM-3921 Elvis' Gold Records - Volume 4 (LP)
Release Date: 1/22/1968

Track Listings: (click here to expand / collapse)

Side 1

Love Letters
It Hurts Me
What’d I Say
Please Don’t Drag That String Around
Indescribably Blue

Side 2

You’re The Devil In Disguise
Lonely Man
A Mess Of Blues
Ask Me
Ain’t That Loving You Baby
Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello


Cover Front: RCA Victor logo top right corner. Catalog number lower left corner.
Cover Back: Catalog numbers for both stereo and mono upper right corner.


Disc: Monaural. Black label, RCA logo is white, other label print is silver.

Matrix numbers
Side 1: UPRM-8481-1S / Side 2: UPRM-8482-2S (machine stamped) (Indianapolis pressing)
Side 1: UPRM-8481-1S A1 / Side 2: UPRM-8482-5S A1 (machine stamped) (Indianapolis pressing)
Side 1: UPRM-8481-1S A1 / Side 2: UPRM-8482-5S A2 (machine stamped) (Indianapolis pressing)1
Side 1: UPRM-8481-3S / Side 2: UPRM-8482-3S (machine stamped) (Hollywood pressing)2

A near mint copy in shrink-wrap without the bonus picture sold on eBay for $1,027.00 plus shipping on March 25, 2014.3


Insert This was a giveaway about the time of this release and is associated with this release as the insert.

Inner Sleeves
To identify the inner sleeve that is most appropriate for each release, look at the Inner Sleeves page on this site. With this short release, it is likely to be 21-112-1 40B or 21-112-1 40C.

Also released in stereo as LSP-3921 Elvis' Gold Records - Volume 4.

  1. eBay reference 252100550806 (September 28, 2015)
  2. HA Lot 46170 (Aug. 14, 2012)
  3. eBay reference 111303338302 (March 24, 2014)