LPM-3989 Speedway 

Modified: December 11, 2012

Artist: Elvis Presley
Release: RCA Victor LPM-3989 Speedway (LP)
Release Date: 6/25/1968

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Side 1

There Ain’t Nothing Like A Song
Your Time Hasn’t Come Yet Baby
Who Are You (Who Am I)
He’s Your Uncle Not Your Dad
Let Yourself Go

Side 2

Your Groovy Self
Five Sleepy Heads
Western Union
Goin’ Home


Cover Front: RCA Victor logo top center and catalog number at bottom left. Likely to have a sticker affixed to the shrink-wrap.
Cover Back: Catalog number upper right corner.


Disc: Monaural. Black label, RCA logo is white, other label print is silver.

Matrix numbers
Side 1:
WPRM-1034-1S / Side 2: WPRM-1035-1S (machine stamped) (Indianapolis pressing)1

The last Elvis album issued simultaneously on the monaural label and stereo labels is also the final monaural release by Elvis on RCA Records. It is not known how many copies were printed or how many remain in existence. Conditions vary considerably, where many copies have clipped corners. However, there are at least two sealed copies that exist, one sold on eBay2 and another offered on Heritage Auctions3 Each is easily identifiable by the angle of the Special Bonus sticker affixed to the shrink-wrap.

The date for shipping is speculated to be June 25, 1968. The reason for this date, is that Billboard reviewed this album in their June 29, 1968, page 103. This did not chart on Billboard until July 6, 1968. Giving this title a full week to hit the stores and I understand that the shipping dates generally ran on Tuesday, hence June 25, 1968. The Listing Notice for this title also lists this title for June 1968.

This record was so elusive it wasn’t documented to exist in a 1976 Elvis Presley discography. “… as far as can be ascertained, no monaural pressings were ever made.”4 Nor is it listed in a 1978 publication as part of the discography.5


Red and white, reads: “Special Bonus, for a limited time only, full color photo of Elvis.”


Color 8″ x 10″ Elvis (circa 1962) photo, signed “Sincerely, Elvis Presley.” Back lists other RCA Elvis records.

Inner Sleeves
To identify the inner sleeve that is most appropriate for each release, look at the Inner Sleeves page on this site.

Also released in stereo as LSP-3989 Speedway.

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