AFL1-2568 It Happened At The World’s Fair 

Modified: July 14, 2016

Artist: Elvis Presley
Release: RCA Victor AFL1-2568 It Happened At The World's Fair (LP)
Release Date: 8/1979

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Side A

Beyond The Bend
Take Me To The Fair
They Remind Me Too Much Of You
One Broken Heart For Sale

Side B

I’m Falling In Love Tonight
Cotton Candy Land
A World Of Our Own
How Would You Like To Be
Happy Ending


Cover Front: RCA and catalog number upper right corner. RE and Formerly available as LSP-2687 lower left corner.1
Cover Back: Catalog number upper right corner. RE and This album is also available on Stereo 8 – APS1-2568 and Cassette – APK1-2568 lower left corner. Copyright information bottom center.1

This album cover is so elusive, all collectors once agreed that it simply did not exist. Today, there are four known copies. September 6, 2014 a copy surfaced in Italy with an import sticker. Purchased new, this one-time owner later sold this copy in a private sale. On March 3, 2015, a second copy was found in a collection in Florida, USA, without an import sticker affixed to the cover. A third copy turned up in Dublin, Ireland and offered for sale on eBay in May 2016. This copy sold for almost $540 shipped. A fourth copy was found in Ireland. All known copies contain the APL1 record. The date of the record is an estimate based on the other releases of that time.

Two copies have documented sales. On June 2, 2016, a copy with an import sticker, in VG+ condition sold for nearly $540 shipped.3 The second copy is from the Florida find mentioned above. It sold on eBay for $560.11 on Jun 25, 2016.4


Disc: Black label, dog near top.

Inner Sleeves
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