EPA-5120 The Real Elvis 

Modified: December 23, 2019

Artist: Elvis Presley
Release: RCA Victor EPA-5120 The Real Elvis (EP)
Release Date: 9/28/1959

Side 1: Don’t Be Cruel / I Want You, I Need You, I Love You
Side 2: Hound Dog / My Baby Left Me

Gold Standard Series


Cover: picture sleeve front and back.


Disc: (11/1959) Black label, dog on top.
Matrix number: G2WH-6136-7S / G2WH-6137-1S (Indianapolis pressing)


Disc: (11/1959) Maroon label, dog on top.1
Matrix number: G2WH-6136-7S / G2WH-6137-1S2 (Indianapolis pressing)


Disc: (11/1959) Black label, dog on top without horizontal line. New Orthophonic High Fidelity on side. Straight “1” for side 1.
Matrix numbers: G2WH-6136-8S / G2WH-6137-8S (machine stamped) (Hollywood pressing)


Disc: (1965) Black label, dog on side.
Matrix number: G2WH-6136-7S A3 / G2WH-6137-1S E1 (Indianapolis pressing)


Disc: (1969) Orange label.3
Matrix number: G2 WH6136-7S A3 / G2 WH6137-1S I3 (machine stamped) (Indianapolis pressing)4

Originally released as EPA-940 The Real Elvis.

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