Elvis Presley 33 1/3 RPM Record Guide (US) Matrix: Reissued Catalog Numbers 

Modified: February 21, 2023

This is a chronology of the Elvis Presley discography. A checklist of re-issues of the original catalog numbers that began after August 1977. While some catalog numbers may not have been confirmed to exist, several guides do indicate that the catalog numbers listed below may exist. This checklist is very basic and does not include, alternate catalog numbers, label style variations, font and text style variations, Best Buy stickers, catalog number stickers, and other variables.

This table is organized by date (year), however, some of these may likely not fall in the year of release. This table is constantly under review and updated accordingly.

 ReleaseOriginal Release19771977197919801985
1Elvis PresleyLPM/LSP-1254(e)AFL1-1254 (e)AFM1-5198
2ElvisLPM/LSP-1382(e)AFL1-1382 (e)AFM1-5199
3Loving YouLPM/LSP-1515(e)AFL1-1515 (e)
4Elvis' Christmas AlbumLOC-1035
5Elvis' Golden RecordsLPM/LSP-1707(e)AFL1-1707 (e)AQL1-1707AFM1-5196
6King CreoleLPM/LSP-1884(e)AFL1-1884 (e)AYL1-3733
7Elvis' Christmas AlbumLPM/LSP-1951(e)AFM1-5486
8For LP Fans OnlyLPM/LSP-1990(e)AFL1-1990 (e)
9A Date with ElvisLPM/LSP-2011(e)AFL1-2011 (e)
10Elvis Fans Can't Be WrongLPM/LSP-2075(e)AFL1-2075 (e)AFM1-5197
11Elvis Is Back!LPM/LSP-2231AFL1-2231
13His Hand in MineLPM/LSP-2328AYL1-3935
14Something for EverybodyLPM/LSP-2370AFL1-2370AYL1-4116
15Blue HawaiiLPM/LSP-2426AFL1-2426AYL1-3683
16Pot Luck With ElvisLPM/LSP-2523AFL1-2523
17Girls! Girls! Girls!LPM/LSP-2621AFL1-2621
18It Happened at the World's FairLPM/LSP-2697APL1-2568AFL1-2568**
19Elvis' Golden Records, Volume IIILPM/LSP-2765AFL1-2765
20Fun In AcapulcoLPM/LSP-2756AFL1-2756
21Kissin' CousinsLPM/LSP-2894AFL1-2894AYL1-4115
23Girl HappyLPM/LSP-3338AFL1-3338
24Elvis for EveryoneLPM/LSP-3450AFL1-3450AYL1-4232
25Harum ScarumLPM/LSP-3468APL1-2558AFL1-2558*AYL1-3734
26Frankie and JohnnyLPM/LSP-3553APL1-2559 (CAN)
27Paradise Hawaiian StyleLPM/LSP-3643AFL1-3643
29How Great Thou ArtLPM/LSP-3758AFL1-3758AQL1-3758
30Double TroubleLPM/LSP-3787APL1-2564AFL1-2564*
32Elvis' Gold Records Volume 4LPM/LSP-3921AFL1-3921
34Elvis - TV SpecialLPM-4088AFM1-4088*AYM1-4088
35From Elvis In MemphisLSP-4155AFL1-4155
36From Memphis To Vegas/From Vegas To MemphisLSP-6020
37Elvis In PersonLSP-4428AFL1-4428AYL1-3892
38On Stage February 1970LSP-4362AFL1-4362AQL1-4362
39Elvis: Worldwide 50 Gold Award Hits Volume 1LPM-6401
40Back In MemphisLSP-4429AFL1-4429
41That's The Way It IsLSP-4445AFL1-4445AYL1-4114
42Elvis CountryLSP-4460AFL1-4460AYL1-3956
43Love Letters From ElvisLSP-4530AFL1-4530
44Elvis: Worldwide 50 Gold Award Hits Volume 2LPM-6402
45Elvis Sings The Wonderful World Of ChristmasLSP-4579
46Elvis NowLSP-4671AFL1-4671
47He Touched MeLSP-4690AFL1-4690
48Elvis As Recorded at Madison Square GardenLSP-4776AFL1-4776AQL1-4776
49Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii (ORANGE / RED ORANGE)VPX-6089
Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii (ORANGE)VPX-6089
Elvis: Aloha from HawaiiR-213736
Elvis: Aloha from HawaiiCPD2-2642
50Elvis (Including Fool)APL1-0283
51Raised on RockAPL1-0388AFL1-0388
52A Legendary Performer, Volume 1CPL1-0341
53Good TimesCPL1-0475AFL1-0475
54Elvis: Recorded Live on Stage in MemphisCPL1-0606AFL1-0606AQL1-0606
55Having Fun with Elvis on StageCPM1-0818AFM1-0808
56Promised LandAPL1-0873AFL1-0873
57Pure GoldANL1-0971AYL1-3732
59A Legendary Performer, Volume 2CPL1-1349
61The Sun SessionsAPM1-1675AFM1-1675AYM1-3893
62From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, TennesseeAPL1-1506AFL1-1506
64Welcome to My WorldAPL1-2274AFL1-2274AQL1-2274
65Moody BlueAFL1-2428AQL1-2428


  • Frankie and Johnny with catalog number APL1-2559 does not exist as a US release, it did however make it to the Canadian discography. It is listed as reference only.
  • Clambake with the AFL1-2565 catalog number has been confirmed to exist. Most AFL1-2565 covers will likely contain the APL1-2565 record label. The contents of several sealed specimens included the APL1-2565 album.
  • The (” * “) indicates that the record cover does contain a wrap-a-round sticker with proposed catalog number, however, no copies of this catalog number have been found printed on the record cover or record label.
  • The (” ** “) indicates that the record cover exists, however, no copies of this catalog number have been found printed on the record or record label.