Roustabout / One Track Heart 

Modified: May 29, 2014

Artist: Elvis Presley
Release: RCA Victor SP-45-139 Roustabout / One Track Heart (45)
Release Date: 10/1964


Envelope: On the front1 of the envelope, RCA Victor upper right corner. ELVIS PRESLEY As the Restless, Reckless, Roving ROUSTABOUT A Hal Wallis Production. Co-starring BARBARA STANWYCK, Joan Freeman, Leif Erickson. Technicolor Techniscope. Directed by John Rich. Screenplay by Anthony Lawrence and Allan Weiss. A Paramount Release. The back of the envelope is blank.2

This example of the envelope, with generic RCA sleeve, and record sold on eBay for $716.63 on August 5, 2012. An example of this sleeve without the record sold on eBay for $538.88 on March 29, 2014.3


Cover: picture sleeve front and back.4.

This is an undocumented sleeve. There are a couple examples of this sleeve in varying conditions, of image quality, paper quality and text placement that may be found on Popsike, which should put into question the legitimacy of any example. Here are at least five observations that I find wrong with this picture sleeve: (1) Sleeves of this era have 45 RPM above the catalog number; (2) The RCA Victor box is not properly proportioned, incorrectly spaced, and is cut off of the sleeve; (3) RCA Victor is too tight; (4) A Hal Wallis Production is omitted, however shows on all other Roustabout material and other movie releases; (5) There is NO way, that RCA would put a large hole over the image of Elvis; and, (6) If there is a specific envelope with text for this release that housed a generic RCA sleeve and record, then why would there also be a printed sleeve?


Cover: picture sleeve front and back. One in color another in black and white. My interpretation of a more logical sleeve, based on the characteristics outlined in the notes above. This is compared to and based on SP-45-162, SP-45-118, SP-45-76, and regular issues of that era.


Disc: (10/1964). White label. NOT FOR SALE.5
Matrix numbers: RNKM-7088–1S A1 / RNKM-7089–1S A1 (Rockaway pressing)6

Sleeve: Originally issued in generic RCA sleeve.

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