It's Now Or Never / A Mess Of Blues 

Modified: December 28, 2020

         Release: RCA Victor 47-7777 It's Now Or Never / A Mess Of Blues (45)
              Artist: Elvis Presley
Release Date: 7/5/1960


Cover: picture sleeve front and back.


Disc: (7/1960)1 Black label, dog on top.
Matrix numbers: L2WW-0100-25S / L2WW-0085-6S (Hollywood pressing)
Matrix numbers: L2WW-0100-26S / L2WW-0085-6S (Hollywood pressing)


Disc: (7/1960) Black label, dog on top.
Matrix numbers: L2WW-0100-3S / L2WW-0085-9S (Rockaway pressing)(Without piano track. See note below.)2
Matrix numbers: L2WW-0100-4S / L2WW-0085-9S (Rockaway pressing)(Without piano track. See note below.)3
Matrix numbers: L2WW-0100-10S A5 / L2WW-0085-1S A1 (Indianapolis pressing)
Matrix numbers: L2WW-0100-11S A4 / L2WW-0085-2S B7 (Indianapolis pressing)
Matrix numbers: L2WW-0100-11S D6 / L2WW-0085-1S A6 (Indianapolis pressing)4
Matrix numbers: L2WW-0100-20S A1 / L2WW-0085-3S D2 (Rockaway pressing)
Matrix numbers: L2WW-0100-20S B1 / L2WW-0085-9S B2 (Rockaway pressing)
Matrix numbers: L2WW-0100-20S B2 / L2WW-0085-9S A2 (Rockaway pressing)
Matrix numbers: L2WW-0100-21S A1 / L2WW-0085-4S D2 (Rockaway pressing)5
Matrix numbers: L2WW-0100-21S A3 / L2WW-0085-4S D4 (Rockaway pressing)
Matrix numbers: L2WW-0100-22S A1 / L2WW-0085-9S A2 (Rockaway pressing)
Matrix numbers: L2WW-0100-22S A2 / L2WW-0085-9S A2 (Rockaway pressing)
Matrix numbers: L2WW-0100-23S / L2WW-0085-3S A2 (Rockaway pressing)

It's Now or Never had no piano on the master.6 A rare variation of this single exists where this version of It's Now or Never was pressed without the piano track. Presleyana V identifies this variation as having a Hollywood pressing label, however, a couple of eBay auctions have confirmed that it is a Rockaway pressing. This is confirmed by the visual identification of the matrix number on the record or the item description and the label of other Rockaway labels.

This two sided hit single debuted on the Top 40 chart with It's Now Or Never peaking at number one for five weeks. Nearly a week later, A Mess of Blues debuted on the charts and peaked at number 32.7 An interesting point to this is on page 45 of the July 11, 1960 edition of Billboard magazine. Billboard reviews A Mess of Blues as the hit side and It's Now or Never as the flip side. It is written "Elvis handles a fine blues with his usual feeling on the top side and comes thru with a great reading of a familiar melody on the other. Both sides are potent."8

This was also released in stereo It's Now Or Never / A Mess Of Blues in 1960.
Re-released by RCA Records on 45 RPM as It's Now Or Never / A Mess Of Blues on the Gold Standard Series label.

Promotional Material


This is a store banner used to promote Elvis' Latest Hit! "It's Now or Never" on RCA Victor.9

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