RCA Compact 33 Single Record Guide 

Modified: October 25, 2020

The Compact 33 was released in two formats, the Compact 33 single and the Compact 33 double. The Compact 33 double generally contains four tracks whereas the single contains two tracks like their 45 RPM counterpart. The RCA 37 prefix series, which likely means (by my own assertion) 33 speed 7 inch, is an example of the Compact 33 single format.

Compact 33s are 7 inches in size and resemble the 45 RPM except that the hole is LP size.Some of these titles are difficult to obtain. This compilation of the Double Compact 33 Records is based on eBay auctions, price guides, and many search engines.


Mfg.CatalogArtistSelectionPrice RangeYear
RCA37-7829Neil SedakaCalendar Girl / The Same Old Fool30-501960/12
RCA37-7830Henry ManciniTheme from "The Great Imposter" / Love Music21961/03
RCA37-7831Marilyn MichaelsPast The Age of Innoncence / Dannyunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7832Andy & the Bey SistersTrees / You Can't Be Mine Anymore10-151961
RCA37-7833Della ReeseYou Mean All The World To Me / The Most Beautiful Words15-251961
RCA37-7834Barry MartinGot A Whole Lot Of Lovin' To Do / Why'd I Have To Fall3-151961
RCA37-7835Boots RandolphBig Daddy / Bongo Band151961
RCA37-7836Ames BrothersA Kiss from Cora / Asking For You12-151961
RCA37-7837Porter WagonerYour Old Love Letters / Heartbreak Affair151961
RCA37-7838Tommy TuckerReturn of the Teenage Queen / Since You Have Gone10-151961
RCA37-7839The CablesChoo Choo / Moonlight And Roses6-101961
RCA37-7840Floyd CramerOn The Rebound / Mood Indigo61961
RCA37-7841Don GibsonWhat About Me / The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise10-201961
RCA37-7842Edwin BruceFlight 303 / Spun Gold6-101961
RCA37-7843Jerry HolmesRed River Sally / Our Language of Love12-151961
RCA37-7844Penny & JeanI Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know10-151961
RCA37-7845Ray PetersonMy Blue Angel / I'm Tired7-151961
RCA37-7846WanderoboReachless/Voice of the Wind1961
RCA37-7847Chet AtkinsThe Slop/Hot Mocking Bird101961
RCA37-7848Cleo JonsThe Shortest Distance/All of Everything10-251961
RCA37-7849Hank SnowLifetime Blues / Maple Leaves (Canada Only)n/a1961/02
RCA37-7850Elvis PresleySurrender / Lonely Man500-7001961/02
RCA37-7851Linda GreenHoney Buggie / Traded Off31961
RCA37-7852Homer and JethroAre You Lonesome Tonight / I Love Your Pizza151961
RCA37-7853Sam CookeThat's It - I Quit I'm Movin' On / Why Do You Say30-501961
RCA37-7854Al HirtElegie / Janine151961
RCA37-7855Jim ReevesThe Blizzard / Danny Boyunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7856Marty GoldCarnival In Rome / My Romanceunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7857Ann-MargretI Ain't Got Nobody / Lost Love20-401961
RCA37-7858Sonny JamesApache / Magnetism151961
RCA37-7859The LimelitersA Dollar Down / When Twice The Moon Has Come And Gone101961
RCA37-7860David DanteK-K-K Katy / Speedy Gonzales30-401961
RCA37-7861Eddy Arnold(Jim) I Wore A Tie Today / Just Call Me Lonesome15-301961
RCA37-7862Don RobertsonBobby-O / Buttons And Bows151961
RCA37-7863Skeeter DavisThe Hand You're Holding Now / Someday Someday5-151961
RCA37-7864Barry MartinAre You Sure / Little Lonely One101961
RCA37-7865Elvis PresleyWooden Heart / Shoppin' Around (Canada)n/a1961
RCA37-7866The BrownsGround Hog / Angel's Dolly10-151961
RCA37-7867Della ReeseThe Touch Of Your Lips / Won'cha Come Home, Bill Bailey15-251961
RCA37-7868Hugo and LuigiBimbombey / La Pachanga101961
RCA37-7869Hank SnowBeggar To A King / Poor Little Jimmieunconfirmed1961/04
RCA37-7870Gary ClarkeGreen Finger / I Promised Amelia101961
RCA37-7871Hank LocklinFrom Here To There To You / This Song Is Just For You151961
RCA37-7872Sam FletcherHold Me / You Did It20-301961
RCA37-7873Perez PradoTeresita La Chunga / Ritmo De Chungaunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7874Neil SedakaLittle Devil / I Must Be Dreaming30-501961
RCA37-7875Gordon TerryAnd Then I Heard The Bad News / I Had A Talk With Me151961
RCA37-7876Brother Dave GardnerCoward At The Alamo / You Are My Love9-151961
RCA37-7877Mickey and SylviaLove Is The Only Thing / Love Lesson20-401961
RCA37-7878Roger MillerWhen Two Worlds Collide / Every Which-A-Way151961
RCA37-7879B.G. KayOh How I Cried / Popcorn Peanuts Crackerjacks And Candy Kisses10-151961
RCA37-7880Elvis PresleyI Feel So Bad / Wild In The Country1000-15001961
RCA37-7881George Hamilton IVThree Steps To The Picnic / The Ballad Of Widder Jones151961
RCA37-7882Miss PeachesCallin' Moody Field - Part 1 / Callin' Moody Field - Concludedunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7883Sam CookeCupid / Farewell My Darling30-401961
RCA37-7884Della ReeseA Far Better Thing / I Possess15-251961
RCA37-7885Allen ReynoldsThrough The Eyes Of Love / What A Pretty Little Girlunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7886Mary PettiGee But It Hurts / Hey Lawdy Lawdy101961
RCA37-7887Rosemary ClooneyTheme From Return To Peyton Place / Without Loveunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7888Ray EllisLa Dolce Vita / Parliami Di Miunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7889Jerry HolmesOn The Rebound / With These Hands151961
RCA37-7890Don GibsonSea Of Heartbreak / I Think Its Best (To Forget Me)unconfirmed1961
RCA37-7891Chet AtkinsMan Of Mystery / Windy And Warmunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7892Baker KnightAnytime At All / Dum Dum Diggley Dum15-251961
RCA37-7893Floyd CramerSan Antonio Rose / I Just Can't Imagine101961
RCA37-7894Ann-MargretI Just Don't Understand / I Don't Hurt Anymore20-301961
RCA37-7895Daryl PettyGoodnight Mr. Blues / One Love Forever251961
RCA37-7896The TokensWhen I Go To Sleep At Night / Dry Your Eyes30-401961
RCA37-7897David DanteSee You In September / I'm Getting Marriedunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7898The Kane TripletsLove Message / Oh Ricky151961
RCA37-7899Hank SnowK.C.'s Washerwoman Boogie / Hawaiian Sunset (Canada)unconfirmed1961/06
RCA37-7900The PortraitsYo-Yo Girl / My Big Brother's Friendunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7901Porter WagonerEverything She Touches Gets The Blues / Sugar Foot Ragunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7902Henry ManciniFanny / My Cousin From Naplesunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7903Al HirtPerky / I'm On My Way71961
RCA37-7904Jan Peerce(NOT ISSUED)n/a1961
RCA37-7905Jim ReevesWhat Would You Do? / Stand At Your Windowunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7906JulianaYou Can Have Any Boy / You're Saying Goodnightunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7907Floyd CramerYour Last Goodbye / Hang On151961
RCA37-7908Elvis Presley(Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame / Little Sister5000-60001961
RCA37-7909Don RobertsonFeather In The Wind / Tennessee Waltzunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7910Jimmy ElledgeSend Me A Letter / Swanee River Rocketunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7911The ConcordsAgain / The Boy Most Likely201961
RCA37-7912The RaftsmenYellow Bird / Shame And Scandalunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7913The LimelitersPaco Peco / A Hundred Years Agounconfirmed1961
RCA37-7914The FayrosBoot Heel Rag / Skokiaan15-251961
RCA37-7915Mitchell AyresWho Cares / Evening In Paris (Canada)unconfirmed1961
RCA37-7916Henry ManciniMoon River / Breakfast At Tiffany'sunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7917The BrownsWhispering Wine / My Baby's Gone10-151961
RCA37-7918Dore AlpertGotta Get A Girl / Dreamlandunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7919Sonny JamesInnocent Angel / Hey Little Duckyunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7920Ray Martin OrchestraThe Boulevard Of Broken Dreams / The Mime's Themeunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7921Hank LocklinYou're The Reason / Happy Birthday To Meunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7922Neil SedakaSweet Little You / I Found My World In You15-251961
RCA37-7923The Blue ChipsPuddles Of Tears / The Contestunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7924Cindy MaloneWeird / Young Marriageunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7925The TokensSincerely / When The Summer Is Through25-351961
RCA37-7926Eddy ArnoldOne Grain Of Sand / The Worst Night Of My Life20-301961/09
RCA37-7927Sam CookeFeel It / It's All Right25-401961
RCA37-7928Skeeter DavisOptimistic / Blueberry Hillunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7929Andy and The Bey SistersChanson D'Amour / Big Mamouunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7930The NuggetsBefore We Say Goodnight / Angel On The Dance Floorunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7931The NeptunesCuriosity Killed The Cat / This Is Loveunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7932Peter NeroMaria / On The Street Where You Liveunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7933Hank SnowThe Restless One / I Knowunconfirmed1961/09
RCA37-7934George Hamilton IVTo You And Yours (From Me And Mine) / I Want A Girlunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7935The Blue ChipsLet It Ride / Adios Adios251961
RCA37-7936Linda GreenMean To Me / It's A Sin To Tell A Lie151961
RCA37-7937Robert WeedeShalom / Mimi Benzell As Simple As Thatunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7938John D. LoudermilkLanguage Of Love / Darling Janeunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7939Hugo WinterhalterI Believe In You / Viennese Nightingaleunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7940The Sweet Sick TeensThe Pretzel / Agnes The Teenage Russian Spy50-751961
RCA37-7941Norman Luboff ChoirEverything Beautiful / His Own Little Islandunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7942The LimelitersMilk And Honey / Red Roses And White Wine101961
RCA37-7943David DanteJuanita / Garden Of Edenunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7944Gordon TerryYou Remembered Me / How My Baby Can Loveunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7945Timothy HayThat's What Girls Are Made For / Breakawayunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7946Jimmy ElledgeFunny How Time Slips Away / Hey Jimmy Joe John Jim Jackunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7947The Honey DreamersHow To Suceed In Business Without Really Trying (PROMO ONLY)unconfirmed1961
RCA37-7948Rosemary ClooneyGive Myself A Party / If I Can Stay Away Long Enoughunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7949Mary PettiBroken Hearted / Just For A Boyunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7950Jim ReevesLosing Your Love / (How Can I Write On Paper) What I Feel In My Heartunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7951Bonnie GuitarI'll Step Down / Tell Her Byeunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7952Ann-MargretIt Do Me So Good / Gimme Love20-401961
RCA37-7953Ray Ellis OrchestraPortofino / Shalomunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7954The TokensThe Lions Sleep Tonight / Tina25-351961
RCA37-7955Hugo and LuigiBrotherhood Of Man / Love From A Heart Of Goldunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7956Peter NeroMaria / Theme From Summer And Smokeunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7957Neil SedakaHappy Birthday Sweet Sixteen / Don't Lead Me On30-501961
RCA37-7958Roger MillerBurma Shave / Fair Swiss Maidenunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7959Don GibsonLonesome Number One / Same Old Troubleunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7960H.B. BarnumBaby Baby Baby (All The Time) / How Many More Timesunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7961Della ReeseOne / What Do You Think, Joe15-251961
RCA37-7962Perry ComoYou're Following Me / Especially For The Youngunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7963Perez Prado and his OrchestraArrivederci Roma - Chunga / Moliendo Cafe - Chungaunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7964Gaynel HodgeBachelor In Paradise / The Door Is Still Openunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7965Hank LocklinHappy Journey / I Need You Now51961
RCA37-7966The LimelitersJust An Honest Mistake / Jonahunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7967Porter WagonerMisery Loves Company / I Cried Againunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7968Elvis PresleyCan't Help Falling in Love / Rock-A-Hula Baby6000-80001961/11
RCA37-7969The BrownsFoolish Pride / Alpha And Omega10-15

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