APL1-2559 Frankie and Johnny – what if it existed? 

Modified: November 11, 2011


Cover Front: RCA, catalog number and Stereo upper right corner. Formally available as LSP-3553 lower left corner.
Cover Back: Catalog number upper right corner. This album is also available on Stereo 8 and Cassette. statement right side just above the sixth picture of Elvis. RCA copyright information bottom center.


Cover Back: Canadian APL1-2559 and the U.S.A. LSP-3553.

According the guides, just after Elvis’ passing, RCA announced the re-release of some of the 1960’s movie soundtracks. Among them a re-release of Frankie and Johnny with the APL1-2559 catalog number. Though no known U.S. copies exist, one side of the album slick does. This catalog number does exist in Canada. Judging from the re-released soundtracks in Canada and those of the U.S., this is my interpretation of what if the APL1-2559 existed. The back cover is a mockup between the original LSP-3553 release and the Canadian APL1-2559.