EPA-4382 Viva Las Vegas 

Modified: December 28, 2020

         Release: RCA Victor EPA-4382 Viva Las Vegas (EP)
              Artist: Elvis Presley
Release Date: 5/13/1964

Side 1: If You Think I Don't Need You / I Need Somebody To Lean On
Side 2: C'Mon Everybody / Today, Tomorrow and Forever


Cover: picture sleeve front and back.


Disc: (5/1964)1 Black label, dog on top. 45 EP on side.
Matrix numbers: RPKB-0390--1S C1 / RPKB-0391--1S (Indianapolis pressing)2
Matrix numbers: RPKB-0390--2S / RPKB-0391--2S (Indianapolis pressing)
Matrix numbers: RPKB-0390--2S A1 / RPKB-0391--2S A2 (Indianapolis pressing)3


Disc: (5/1964) Black label, dog on top. 45 EP and "New Orthophonic" High Fidelity on side.
Matrix numbers: RPKB-0390--3S / RPKB-0391--3S (Hollywood pressing)


Cover: picture sleeve front and back.

Although the sleeve may appear identical to the one up top, there is a striking difference between the two. The first cover has the front cover slick pasted over the back cover slick with the pink background. This cover is a white back cover slick with a front and a back cover slick pasted over it. It is extremely rare.


Disc: (1965) Black label, dog on side.
Matrix numbers: RPKB-0390--2S A2 / RPKB-0391--2S A2 (Indianapolis pressing)


Disc: (1969) Orange label.
Matrix numbers: RPKB-0390--3S A1 / RPKB-0391--2S (Indianapolis pressing)4

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