AFL1-2621 Girls! Girls! Girls! 

Modified: October 27, 2015

Artist: Elvis Presley
Release: RCA Victor AFL1-2621 Girls! Girls! Girls! (LP)
Release Date: 8/1979

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Side A

Girls! Girls! Girls!
I Don’t Wanna Be Tied
Where Do You Come From
I Don’t Want To
We’ll Be Together
A Boy Like Me, A Girl Like You
Earth Boy

Side B

Return To Sender
Because Of Love
Thanks To The Rolling Sea
Song Of The Shrimp
The Walls Have Ears
We’re Coming In Loaded


Cover Front: RCA Victor and catalog number upper left corner and Victor stereo upper right. RE-2 lower left corner.1 An exported example has RCA stickers covering Victor and logos throughout the cover.
Cover Back: Catalog number upper right corner. RE lower right corner. Catalog numbers have AFL1 prefixes for each of the four records advertised in the red box area.

This catalog number was discovered in December 2014 and identified by Robert Alaniz (Soundz Good Records). It is sealed so there is no means to determine if the record inside the cover has the same catalog prefix of AFL1 as printed on the cover. It was eventually sold for $250.00. A second copy was unearthed October 2015 and reveals that the record inside also contains the same prefix.


Disc: Black label, dog near top.

Matrix numbers
Side A:
N2PY-3295–14S A2 AFL1-2621A (machine stamped) / Side B: AFL1-2621B (hand etched) N2PY-3296 9S A3 (machine stamped) (Indianapolis pressing)

Inner Sleeves
To identify the inner sleeve that is most appropriate for each release, look at the Inner Sleeves page on this site.

Previously released as LSP-2621 Girls! Girls! Girls!

  1. The first two are image mockups from pictures provided by Robert Alaniz (Soundz Good Records).