G8MW-8705 TV Guide Presents Elvis Presley 

Modified: September 9, 2017

Artist: Elvis Presley
Release: RCA Victor G8MW-8705 TV Guide Presents Elvis Presley (EP)
Release Date: 9/1956

Side 1: Band 1: “Pelvis” Nickname (:19) / Band 2: Adult’s Reaction (:34) / Band 3: First Public Appearance (:54) / Band 4: How “Rockin’ Motion” Started (:44)
Side 2: blank



Disc: Blue label, Dog on side. RCA Victor. Custom Made Record. No label on other side. At the end of each band, the needle must manually be placed on the next band to play.
Matrix number: G8M W8705-1 B1 / B1 (machine stamped)(Rockaway pressing)1

A copy sold in 20052 for $1991 which included two pink inserts, one gray insert, and the original envelope. In 20093, a copy sold with one pink and one gray insert for $1612. March 20164, a copy without any inserts sold for $1500. A copy sold on eBay May 31, 2016 for $850 plus shipping. It also included the Elvis Suggested Continuity pink form.5. In 20176, a copy with one of each insert sold for $900. An auction offering only the pink insert which sold for $170 ended in 20137 and the grey insert sold for $1358.

Reproduction copies exist. There are several easy tell tale differences between the original and the reproduction. The bands play through without having to pickup the needle. The matrix numbers are hand etched. The two parallel lines on the original are complete from end to end of the label, while the reproduction has gaps between the edge of the label and the vinyl and the edge of the label and spindle hole. The images above, from left to right, the one on the left is original.1 The two on the right are from the reproduction. This is so rarely seen, here is a closeup of the matrix numbers.



Inserts: Two exist. Gray “Elvis Exclusively” and pink for suggested continuity.10 The pink insert is folded in half to form a 4 page booklet, printed on thick stock paper with a slight texture to it.

Odd Variation

Here is an example is offered on eBay11. In this example this is a white label RCA Victor Record Prevue label Coming Attractions. The contents appear typed. Not for sale on side. The back has a small hole punch near spindle hole.

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