LP-101 From the Beach to the Bayou 

Modified: January 29, 2013

Artist: Elvis Presley
Release: Graceland Records LP-101 From the Beach to the Bayou (LP)
Release Date: 3/1978

Track Listings: (click here to expand / collapse)

Side 1

Falling in Love with You (takes 13-29)
Beach Boy Blues So (take 1, false start)
Beach Boy Blues So (take 2, complete)
Beach Boy Blues So (take 3, complete)

Side 2

King Creole (take 3)
King Creole (take 18)
Crawfish (take 7)
Steadfast Loyal And True (take 14)
As Long As I Have You (take 4)
As Long As I Have You (take 5)
As Long As I Have You (unknown take)
Lover Doll (take 8 )
King Creole (take 13)
King Creole (Instrumental)(take 8 )
Muskrat Ramble(Instrumental)
Wild In The Country (take 40)


Cover Front: Yellow background, rainbow border. Pictures Elvis from King Creole and Blue Hawaii. Sticker across bottom reads Nearly 1 Hour of Previously Unreleased Studio Sessions.
Cover Back: Orange background with picture from King Creole album cover.

All sources indicate that the back is blank, even for the 2nd pressing and counterfeit pressings. All other images indicate that the sticker on the front is not common. The Elvis bootleg is a striking resemblance to the image to the far left is of The Harrowgate String Band of the Philadelphia Mummers Parade pressed in 1978, copied right down to the copyright notice.


Disc: (3/1978)1 Yellow label.

Matrix numbers
Side 1: GL-1001-A / Side 2: GL-1001-B (hand etched)

Inner Sleeve
Generic white.

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