SPA 7-37 Perfect for Parties Highlight Album 

Modified: June 13, 2014

Artist: Various Artists
Release: RCA Victor SPA 7-37 SPA 7-37 Perfect for Parties Highlight Album (EP)
Release Date: 11/1978

Side 1: Love Me (Elvis Presley) / Anchors Aweigh (Tony Cabot) / That’s A Puente (Tito Puente)
Side 2: Rock me but Don’t Roll Me (Tony Scott) / Happy Face Baby (The Three Suns) / Prom to Prom (Dave Pell)


Cover front: Paper, red, black and white. RCA Victor logo and number at upper right. Black and white photo of Elvis and of LPM-1382.
Cover back: Text, no photo. Has number, “SPA 7-37” at upper right.1

The cover is made of a heavier cardboard than that used for the original pressings.


Disc: White label promotional. (1970’s)1
Matrix numbers: G2NH-7231 (hand etched) / G2NH-7231 (hand etched)

The RCA Victor Record Prevue is a counterfeit bootlegged in the 1970s. SPA-7-37 was never originally released on the RCA Victor Record Prevue label. This bootleg can be found with no other RCA releases listed on back. Also note that the matrix number is incorrect for Side 2. Rather than G2NH-7321, it should be G2NH-7232.

Advertisement Campaign
The two pages below came from a series of magazines called Record Digest back in the late 1970s. The first page is an advertisement for both Elvis Saile sna Perfect for Parties. Now available! Brilliant reproductions of these two ultra-rare EP’s … exactly as they originally appeared! ONLY $9.00 each (please add $1.00 postage). Available through this mail order only and was available through Thomas Salem of The King’s Collection. The second page is part of an ongoing checklist of Elvis releases. It is here to demonstrate the date of this release, where some documentation may indicate 1979, this list from 1978 clearly lists Perfect for Parties as November 1978.

elvis ad7elvis-checklist-62

  1. Images from the collection of Andreas Bauer, Hamburg.
  2. Images from the collection of Andreas Bauer, Hamburg.