It’s Midnight / Promised Land 

Modified: August 4, 2023

Artist: Elvis Presley
Release: RCA Victor PB-10074 It's Midnight / Promised Land (45)
Release Date: 9/27/1974



Cover: (9/1974) picture sleeve front and back.


Disc: (9/1974) Yellowish label. NOT FOR SALE.1
Matrix numbers: PB-10074-C-1 A1 / PB-10074-D-1 A2 (Indianapolis pressing)
Matrix numbers: PB-10074-C-3 / PB-10074-D-2 (hand etched) (Hollywood pressing)


Disc: (9/1974) Orange label.
Matrix numbers: PB-10074-A-2 / PB-10074-B-2 (hand etched) (Hollywood pressing)


Disc: (9/1974) Gray label.
Matrix numbers: PB-10074-A 3 A3 / PB-10074-B 1 A2 (machine stamped) (Indianapolis pressing)


Disc: (9/1974) Grayish label.
Matrix numbers: PB-10074-A 3 A2 / PB-10074-B 1 A3 (machine stamped) (Indianapolis pressing)

There are many shades of gray. From a solid light gray to partial light gray to orangish gray to near orange gray.

Re-released by RCA Records on 45 RPM as It's Midnight / Promised Land on the Gold Standard Series label.

  1. eBay reference 350496391325 (October 4, 2011)