APL1-1039 Today 

Modified: January 16, 2022

Artist: Elvis Presley
Release: RCA Victor APL1-1039 Today (LP)
Release Date: 5/7/1975

Track Listings: (click here to expand / collapse)

Side A

And I Love You So
Susan When She Tried
Woman Without Love
Shake a Hand

Side B

Pieces of My Life
I Can Help
Bringing It Back
Green Green Grass of Home


Cover Front: Title on top left. Catalog number bottom right.
Cover Back: RCA upper left corner. Pictures four other Elvis albums. Copyright info bottom centered.


Sticker: Affixed to shrink-wrap featuring the hit single T-R-O-U-B-L-E.


Disc: (1975) Orange label.

Matrix numbers
Side A: APL1-1039A 40S TML-M / Side B: APL1-1039B 40S (hand etched) TML-M (machine stamped) (Hollywood pressing)


Disc: (1975) Tan label.

Matrix numbers
Side A:
APL1-1039A 30S TML-M A1 / Side B: APL1-1039B 31S TML-S A4 (hand etched) (Los Angeles pressing)
Side A: APL1-1039A 31S A1 / Side B: APL1-1039B 30S A2 (hand etched) (Indianapolis pressing)
Side A: APL1-1039A 31S TML-S A5 / Side B: APL1-1039B 30S A2 TML-M (Los Angeles pressing I U)
Side A: APL1-1039A 31S / Side B: APL1-1039B 32S


Disc: (1975) Tan label. Rigid vinyl.

Matrix numbers
Side A:
APL1-1039A 32S A1 (machine stamped) / Side B: APL-1-1039B-31S (hand etched) TML-S A3 (machine stamped) (Los Angeles pressing I V)

The Mastering Lab (“TML”) located out of Los Angeles used three lathes, two Scully lathes indicated by TML-M (master) and TML-S (slave) plus a Neumann lathe indicated by TML-X (extra)1.

Inner Sleeves
To identify the inner sleeve that is most appropriate for each release, look at the Inner Sleeves page on this site.

Also released in quadraphonic stereo as APD1-1039 Today and re-released as AFL1-1039 Today.