Record Mockups 

Modified: July 16, 2022

There are cases where the record is not readily available or accessible; however, there are enough images and information that make it possible to create a mockup of the original record label. There are a couple of reasons for the mockups. One is that there are images that exist that are not of the desired quality, however are detailed enough that a good mockup may be created. Another reason is that I like many collectors may have never seen a particular label, no matter how long in collecting. That label may be in their collection and not know of it as a variation or of a particular release. This knowledge should help collectors maximize the size (and quality) of their collections, as sellers become armed with the knowledge needed to advertise their records while taking the risk of guesswork out of the equation.

The purpose of this article is to demonstrate the accuracy of such images. As good as these mockups are, there are problems with them. There is no substitute for images taken from the real thing.

RCA Victor LSP-2256 G.I. Blues (LP)
This is an elusive 1963 Hollywood pressing of the silver STEREO label. These were only pressed for one or a partial pressing before switching over to the more common white top STEREO label.


Using the images from ElvisOutlet as a guide, sampling images from the more common silver STEREO labels, and sampling images from the more common 1964 white top STEREO, Hollywood pressing the result of this effort are the mocked images above.1. To obtain the matrix numbers, I had selected those of the 1964 Hollywood pressing and documented this as an educated guess. This guess was based on other 1963 and 1964 Hollywood pressing matrix number patterns.


These images are scans taken from an actual 1963 silver STEREO, Hollywood pressing. If you compare the original against the mockups, the differences are minimal and served well to help identify an actual label. There are differences, the most notable ones are the matrix numbers in the trail-off area of the vinyl. By the way, the matrix numbers from the educated guess were accurate.

RCA Victor LPM-1990 For LP Fans Only (LP)
Recently I uncovered and documented that there are three distinct variations for the Monaural label. Other than the usual spacing and fonts, the unique difference takes place above the spindle hole. Having two out of three, and having seen images of the third, I was able to piece together a fair mockup.


The above mockup was pieced together from a Rockaway pressing white top STEREO release and bits and pieces of the MONAURAL label. Not a bad mockup at all, the only real fault with this mockup is that there is slight discolorations where I pieced things together.


Here is the real deal. I took an educated guess that it was the Rockaway pressing. I marked the guess as Rockaway?. Well, it was a correct guess, based on the STEREO copy and that the other two copies were Indianapolis and Hollywood pressings.

RCA Victor EPA-4383 Tickle Me (EP)
Another interesting variation discovered in this already rare EP can be found with the orange label release. The image on the left is the mockup of the image provided by eBay item 370513570817 (May 30, 2011). While the mockup isn’t perfect, it does demonstrate the uniqueness of the record that was offered and sold for $255.00


RCA ANL1-0971 Pure Gold (LP)
Here is the mockup.

This illusive tan label variation hasn’t been seen but twice since July 2, 2009. The images below are from the July 2, 2009 auction. This version does not have song numbers line up with the copyright information on the bottom.


Another copy surfaced in 2011. The image below is from the November 3, 2011 eBay auction2. This version has Song numbers line up with the copyright information on the bottom. A collector has provided closeups of this variation.3


SPD-19 The Sound of Leadership insert
Below is my mockup of The Sound of Leadership insert. The original was slightly less than satisfactory, however made for a great reference. Most notably the differences are in the THE SOUND OF LEADERSHIP font size and spacing. The last page was slightly reworked for alignment as in the cases where the song titles took two lines.


Here are the originals.4

spd-19-insert-side1spd-19-insert-sides2and3spd 19 insert 4

RCA Victor 47-8400 Such A Night / Never Ending (45)
The image on the left is a cleaned up version of the image on the right using several known good scans. The differences, if any are negligible. Side 2 is based on the same reference single as Side 1 is based. The fonts line up perfectly as the retail Hollywood release, however, the matrix numbers are more in tune with the Rockaway release. Still not certain of pressing plant for this white label promo.


The DJ Prevue Special sleeve on the left is a mockup of the one shown in the image on the left.

47-8400-cover-side-mockup-wlp-v2$(KGrHqMOKpQE4iJloprNBOUULCesRQ~~48 3

RCA Victor LPM/LSP-2256 G.I. Blues (LP)
Reference image of pink or pink tinted Wooden Heart sticker.


RCA Victor AFL1-2756 Fun In Acapulco (LP)
Images that had been provided for the site were more than adequate in providing detail. Here are the original images that are used as reference.


Here are the mockup images created using high resolution images of LSP-2756, AFL1-3989, and AFL1-0388.


RCA Victor EPA-4041 Just For You (EP)
The image on the left is the original EPA-4041 with titles on the top.5 The image on the right is the mockup of the image on the left.


RCA Victor LSP-2256 G.I. Blues (LP)
KDAY sticker applied as seen in the original image on the left. Overlaid and corrected for size. Then typed the each letter using the Gill Sans MT Condensed font, which is very close to the original. The O is off just a little. The goal is to show the record with sticker in the best possible quality.6


RCA Victor VPSX-6089 Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite (LP)
The white promotional sticker applied as seen in the original image on the left. Overlaid and corrected for size. Then typed the each letter using Arial bold, which is very close to the original. It’s not perfect, however, the goal is to show the record with sticker in the best possible quality.6


RCA Victor LSP-2370 Something for Everybody (LP)
As if the 1963, silver STEREO, Hollywood pressing of Something for Everybody isn’t impossible enough to find. There are two different labels. The images on the right are the original.8 The images on the left are mockups of the originals, also found on the LSP-2370 page.


RCA Victor AFL1-2568 It Happened at the World’s Fair (LP)
This record had not been known to exist until September 6, 2014. The images here provided below are what was used to mockup images found on this here at AFL1-2568 It Happened At The World's Fair9.



RCA Victor AFL1-2621 Girls! Girls! Girls! (LP)
This record had been known to exist and had been documented, however one “finally” surfaced in December 2014. The images here provided below are what was used to mockup images found on this here at AFL1-2621 Girls! Girls! Girls!10.

Girls, Girls, Girls AFL1 - #1AGirls, Girls, Girls AFL1 - Back

RCA Victor LPM-2894 Kissin’ Cousins
This mockup of the rare Hollywood pressing of the Mono Dynagroove label is a composition of a MONAURAL Indianapolis pressing and MONO Hollywood pressing. The two images on the far left are the mockup which was used as the primary images for this site for nearly four years until images of the real deal made their way to the site. You can see that the mockups were pretty close to the real deal.


RCA Victor 447-0640 One Broken Heart For Sale / They Remind Me Too Much of You
The mockups are on the main 447-0640, where they are referenced from Discogs. These are the original images used for the mockups..


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