CAS-2611 Separate Ways 

Modified: September 9, 2015

         Release: RCA Camden CAS-2611 Separate Ways (LP)
              Artist: Elvis Presley
Release Date: 12/1/1972

Track Listings: (click here to expand / collapse)

Side 1

Separate Ways
Sentimental Me
In My Way
I Met Her Today
What Now What Next Where To

Side 2

Always On My Mind
I Slipped I Stumbled I Fell
Is It So Strange
Forget Me Never
Old Shep


Cover Front: RCA Camden and catalog bottom center.
Cover Back: Catalog number top center. Pictures nine other Elvis releases. Announces "Aloha from Hawaii" under song titles.


Disc: Blue label. Flexible vinyl.

Matrix numbers
Side 1: BCRS-6495-11S-A1B (hand etched) / Side 2: BCRS-6496-4S-A3M (hand etched) (Rockaway pressing)
Side 1: BCRS-6495-11S-A1F (hand etched) / Side 2: BCRS-6496-4S-A3D (hand etched)(Rockaway pressing)1
Side 1: BCRS-6495-12S-A1E / Side 2: BCRS-6496-4S-A3F (hand etched) (Rockaway pressing)2
Side 1: BCRS-6495-12S-A1G / Side 2: BCRS-6496-4S-A1G (hand etched) (Rockaway pressing)


Postcard with picture of Elvis on one side with "Happy Birthday to you in 1973 Sincerely Elvis" inscribed. The other side has "This space For Message" and space for postage.

Inner Sleeve
Generic white or none.

Re-released on Pickwick Records as CAS-2611 Separate Ways in 1975.

  1. Matrix numbers from the collection of PIOTRULA (of Poland)
  2. Matrix numbers from the collection of Roberto.