CAS-2304 Elvis Sings Flaming Star 

Modified: October 20, 2015

Artist: Elvis Presley
Release: RCA Camden CAS-2304 Elvis Sings Flaming Star (LP)
Release Date: 4/1969

Track Listings: (click here to expand / collapse)

Side 1

Flaming Star
Wonderful World
Night Life
All I Needed Was The Rain
Too Much Monkey Business

Side 2

Yellow Rose Of Texas / The Eyes Of Texas
She’s A Machine
Do The Vega
Tiger Man


Cover Front: RCA and catalog upper left corner. Camden stereo upper right corner. Elvis Sings Flaming Star with song titles.
Cover Back: Catalog number upper right corner. with Elvis Sings “Flaming Star”. With a “1”, “2” or “3” on bottom left corner or “4” on bottom right corner (identified with Pickwick cover, not yet confirmed with Camden cover.1


Disc: (4/1969) Blue label. Rigid vinyl (found with the “1” and “3” on the back cover).

Matrix numbers
Side 1: WCRS-8154-3S / Side 2: WCRS-8155-3S (Hollywood pressing)
Side 1: WCRS-8154-4S B1E / Side 2: WCRS-8155-2S D4B (Rockaway pressing)


Disc: (1969) Blue label. Non-flexible vinyl.2

Matrix numbers
Side 1: WCRS–8154–1S A4 / Side 2: WCRS-8155–7S A1 (Indianapolis pressing)3
Side 1: WCRS–8154–1S C1 / Side 2: WCRS-8155–6S A5 (Indianapolis pressing)3
Side 1: WCRS–8154–6S- A1A / Side 2: WCRS-8155-2S E5B R (Rockaway pressing)5


Disc: (1969) Blue label. Flexible vinyl.

Matrix numbers
Side 1: WCRS–8154–10S- A3 / Side 2: WCRS-8155-14S A1 (machine stamped) (Indianpolis pressing)

This is only a matter of opinion, but I believe that the flexible vinyl is the most difficult to find for this release.

Inner Sleeve
Generic white or none.

Originally released as PRS-279 Singer Presents Elvis Singing Flaming Star and Others in October 1968. Re-released on Pickwick Records as CAS-2304 Elvis Sings Flaming Star in 1975.

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  5. Matrix numbers from the collection of Roberto.