AYL1-3732 (e) Pure Gold 

Modified: December 3, 2016

         Release: RCA AYL1-3732 (e) Pure Gold (LP)
              Artist: Elvis Presley
Release Date: 11/1980

Track Listings: (click here to expand / collapse)

Side A

Kentucky Rain
It's Impossible
Jailhouse Rock
Don't Be Cruel

Side B

I Got A Woman
All Shook Up
Loving You
In The Ghetto
Love Me Tender


Cover Front: RCA and catalog number lower left corner. Catalog number upper right corner. Previously released as ANL1-0971(e) bottom right corner. Best Buy Series logo upper right corner.
Cover Back: Catalog number upper right corner and UPC code. Copyright information bottom center. Previously released as ANL1-0971(e) lower left corner. With or without "2" lower right corner.

The cover can be found in both the thick corrugated cardboard stock or the thin white cardboard stock.


Disc: Yellow label. Flat label. Side A Stereo and catalog with track one above spindle hole.

Matrix numbers
Side A: AYL1-3732A 9 A1EE / Side B: AYL1-3732B-9 A1FF (machine stamped) (Indianapolis pressing)
Side A: AYL1-3732A 9 A2C / Side B: AYL1-3732B-9 A1KK (machine stamped) (Indianapolis pressing)


Disc: Yellow label. Flat label.

Matrix numbers
Side A: AYL1-3732A 9 A1Z / Side B: AYL1-3732B-9 A1NN (Indianapolis pressing)


Disc: Yellow label. Ribbed label.

Matrix numbers
Side A:
AYL1-3732A 9 IMPT-1 / Side B: AYL1-3732B-9 A1 IMPT-1 (unknown pressing I)


Disc: Black label, dog near top. Ribbed label. Flexible vinyl.

Matrix numbers
Side A: AYL1-3732A 9 (machine stamped) IMPT-1 (hand etched) / Side B: AYL1-3732B-9 (machine stamped) IMPT-1 (hand etched) (unknown pressing)1

The black label was discovered by the collector who goes by PIOTRULA (of Poland) and reported to this site in April 2013. It appears that that copy may have been offered for sale or trade on eBay in 2014. The pictures on this site are taken from a second copy found in the United States in November 2016. The tan label Pure Gold sells has sold for over $300-$360 on multiple occasions and there are many known copies. This one is so rare.

Inner Sleeve
Generic white.

Previously released as ANL1-0971 (e) Pure Gold.

  1. Matrix numbers from the collection of PIOTRULA (of Poland)