EPA-4319 King Creole, Vol. 1 

Modified: September 1, 2015

         Release: RCA Victor EPA-4319 King Creole, Vol. 1 (EP)
              Artist: Elvis Presley
Release Date: 7/1/1958

Side 1: King Creole / New Orleans
Side 2: As Long As I Have You / Lover Doll


Cover: (7/58)1 picture sleeve front and back. With or without copyright notice at lower right on front.


Disc: Black label, dog on top. Hooked "1" for Side 1
Matrix numbers: J2PH-4407-1S A1 / J2PH-4408-1S A (Indianapolis pressing)2
Matrix numbers: J2PH-4407-2S A1 / J2PH-4408-1S A2 (Indianapolis pressing)
Matrix numbers: J2PH-4407-2S A1 / J2PH-4408-2S A1 (Indianapolis pressing)3
Matrix numbers: J2PH-4407-2S A2 / J2PH-4408-1S A (Indianapolis pressing)


Disc: Black label, dog on top. Straight "1" for Side 1
Matrix numbers: J2PH-4407-4S / J2PH-4408-4S (Hollywood pressing)


Disc: Black label, dog on top.4
Matrix numbers: J2PH-4407-3S / J2PH-4408-3S A1 (Rockaway pressing)5

Re-released on the Gold Standard Series as EPA-5122 King Creole, Vol. 1.

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